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2018 Spring Festival Celebration Xian Yuehang Industry

2018 spring festival celebration annual meeting----xian yuehang industry and trade co.,ltd

xian yuehang automotive relay We together.jpg

Activity theme:Go we together!

Time:Feb 7th to 8th(2 days)

Site:Yulongwan Hotspring holiday hotel

Schedule of the meeting:

Feb 7th 8:30:Start to hotel

           12:30:Have dinner party 

cheers xian yuehang relay.jpg

         14:30: Skiing together

skiing xian yuehang relays.jpg

         17:00:Share Hotspring 

         18:30:Traditional Chinese lunar year reunion dinner party

            We cheers each other,Very happy dinner.

        20:30:Arrange the venue for party

xian yuehang PCB 60A relay for truck.jpg

Feb 8th:

       8:30:We start our 2018 company annual meeting------new year celebration party.

yuehang auto relay 20A 12v.jpg

xian yuehang 24v 30A AUTO RELAYS.jpg

At the starting,Our CEO Mr Wu make a brilliant speech.

CEO Mr Wu.jpg

Excellent employee

Very interesting and excellent show from our employee:

Show from sales department:

yuehang 12v 30A auto relay.jpg

xian yuehang aotumotive reay 40A.jpg

Shows from production department

NT73-2 10A  switch PCB relays.jpg

sing pictures.jpg

Shows from Financial department:

financial dept show xian yuehang relay.jpg

Magic show from Logistic department:

magic shows xian yuehang relays.jpg

Everybody share our party.We love our "company family".

xian yuehang auto relay factory in China.jpg

In the coming 2018,All in Xian Yuehang industry try our best to :

"Sovle your worries with our visdom;

            Reach your goal with our quality".

Welcome to join us when you need relays.

Contact us:

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