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Application And Sort Of Relay

How does relay work?


The sort of  our relay :

1, Auto relays/Car relays/Automotive relays

2, Telecommunication relay

3, Universal relays/General purpose relays

4, Power Relays

5, Latching relay/Magnetic Latching Relays

6,PCB relay 

7,Flasher relay

The drawing of relay:


The Application of relay:

Telecommunication Equipment relay

Office Equipment PCB relay

Security Alarm relays 

 Measuring instruments relays

Medical Monitoring relays

Audio Visual relays Equipment

Flight Simulator relays

Sensor Control relays

Automotive relays 

Street light latch relay

Solid state relays 

Air condition relays

TV Set relay

Refrigeration relays

Remoted relays system

TV-remoted relay

Wiper relay(wipe motor )

Car turning lamp relay

Led light relay

Electric latching relay

Wireless remoted control relay 

Automatic equipment relay

Voice control relay

Armarium relay(medical equipment relay)

Audiovisual teaching equipment 

Security alarm relay

Detector relay

Office equipment relay

Welcome to learn more about us,A professional relay manufacture in China.

Xi'an yuehang is one of top relays manufacture for automotive relays,general purpose relays,high current latching relays,voltage relay,telecommunication relays,Led flasher relay ,turning light relay,car wipper relay, PCB electrical relays for about 20 years,Power relay.Our company has shaped a strategic structure by taking its foothold in automobile relay and latching industry. Our mainly relays is used as Telecommunication Equipment relay,Office Equipment PCB relay,Security Alarm relays, Measuring instruments relays,Medical Monitoring relays,Audio Visual relays Equipment,Flight Simulator relays,Sensor Control relays,Automotive relays,Street light latch relay,Solid state relays,Air condition relays,TV Set relay,Refrigeration relays,Remoted relays system,TV-remoted relay,Wiper relay(wipe motor ),Car turning lamp relay,Led light relay,Electric latching relay,Wireless remoted control relay,Automatic equipment relay,Voice-control relay,Armarium relay(medical equipment relay),Audiovisual teaching equipment,Security alarm relay, Detector relay ,Office equipment relay,Medical relay Monitoring Equipment,Audio Visual relays Equipment, Flight relays Simulator,Sensor Control relays,Outdoor lighting relays,street lamp relay,voice-control relay ect. Due to our high quality relays,best price,efficiency&professional export service, as well as superior technical supports.We got high repuation from the oversea buyer and domestic clients.And keep long time win-win cooperation with us.

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Xi'an YueHang is located in the historical cultural ancient city Xi'an. As a global supplier in the automatic relay,auto relay, electrical relay,general purpose relay, high power relay, PCB relay,12v solid state relay ,heater relay,timer relay and latching relay, We owe a high-tech relays production line,advanced relays equipment and  advanced relay-testing equipmentWe also own professional team with well-trained technical and administrative staffs. Meanwhile, The company attaches great importance to technical innovation and cultivate talents, and pass quality certification of  UL,TUV,CQC,ROHS ,ISO.FCC,WEAPON EQUIPMENT.



All staffs from Yuehang welcome you  to visit our workshop and hot sales relay and low price street light latching relay cooperation with us .

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