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What Is Relays?how To Choose Relays you really want

what is relay?

Relay is a kind of automatic switching component with isolation function, which is widely used in automotive system control relay,remote control, remote measuring, telecom, automatic control, integration of machinery and electrification, electric and electronic equipments,electrical toy control relay,TV protective relay,street lighting relay(street lamp relays)Air condition contact switch and so on..General speaking ,Relay is very  important controlling components.


 Relays have the inductive organ (input part) that can reflect the input value (such as current, voltage, power, impedance, frequency, temperature, pressure, speed, light etc.); have the executive organ (output part) that has the capability of switching the controlled circuit “on” or “off”; between the input and output parts, there is the medium organ (actuator) that can make input value coupling-isolation and drive the output part.

As a most inportant  controlling component,  relay mainly has the following functions 

1) To enlarge the range of control. E.g., when the controlling signal of a multi-contacts relay reaches a certain value, according to the different forms of the contacts, it can synchronously change over, close or open several circuits.

 2) Enlargement. E.g., sensitive relays and medium relays can control a high-power circuit with minute controlling power. 

3) To integrate signals. E.g., when several controlling signals are put into a multi-winding relay in the stated form, the relay can realize the expectant controlling function by analyzing the different signals. 

4) Automatization, remote control and monitoring. E.g., in automatic equipments, the relays and other electronic components can constitute program-controlled circuit, realizing the automatic operation

5)Relay can protect system circuit and equipment against destory due to high voltage.

How to choose the exactly relay ?

Twice the result with half the effort if Choose right relays 

Xi'an yuehang is top supplier of all kinds relays in China.The company produce automotive relays(car flasher relays ),PCB relays,High current relays,low power relays,Insert terminal relays ,high voltage relays,control relays,protective relays,TV switch relays,Air condition relays,refrigeration relays,electrical toy relays and so on.Now let take automotive relays NVF4-3 from Xi'an YueHang as a samples:


car relays Ordering information:

NVF4-3 relay order.png

Please read the above table for reference.

You just need to tell me as your need:

NVF4-3+contact form+Encloseure way+contact current+Terminal way+Coil rated voltage+coil power+Contact material+coil transient suppression.

For example:

NVF4-3 B S 50A a DC12 2.3 N D

PCB air condition relays JZC-33F

If you need relay or have any problem about relay please no hesitate to contact with me:

Linda deng

Sales manager


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